Comscore Announces New Initiative For No Cost Tagging Of Website Server Data With Media Metrix 360 I

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21st October 2010, 10:37pm - Views: 853

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comScore Announces New Initiative for No Cost Tagging of Website Server Data with Media Metrix 360

in Hong Kong and Taiwan

HONG KONG, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

          comScore's Unified Digital Measurement Approach Continues to

                            Gain Industry Support

            Yahoo! Sites Ranks as Top Internet Property in Hong Kong

     comScore, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world,

today announced that it will offer free participation in Media Metrix 360 to

online publishers in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Under this new initiative any

publisher can now participate in Media Metrix 360 measurement with no

implementation fee for tagging their website server data, providing

publishers of all sizes the ability to participate in this enhanced, unified

approach to digital measurement. comScore also announced growing industry

support of the comScore Media Metrix 360 measurement solution, with and recently becoming the first Hong Kong-based

publishers to participate in this approach.

    "comScore Media Metrix 360 provides the most comprehensive digital

measurement solution available in the industry today," said Victor Cheng,

comScore Head of Market Development for Hong Kong. "By offering publishers in

Hong Kong and Taiwan the opportunity to participate in comScore Media Metrix

360 tagging at no cost, we hope to provide the industry with enhanced

accuracy in online measurement and continued innovation that will help bring

growth to the digital economy."

    comScore Media Metrix 360 was launched in the Asia Pacific region earlier

this year. The service combines both panel and census-based approaches for

measuring digital consumer behavior to provide a more harmonized audience

measurement solution, while also helping to reconcile the long-standing

debate between the two measurement approaches. The enhanced methodology also

accounts for a more complete view of total Internet usage, including traffic

from Internet cafes and mobile devices, which are both significant

originators of Web usage in this region.

    "We welcome comScore's continued innovation in measuring the increasingly

complex world of digital media consumption in Hong Kong," said Oscar Leung,

General Manager of Networld Technology Limited; owner and operator of HK's

leading community websites Discuss and Uwants. "comScore Media Metrix 360

provides the most accurate and comprehensive view of visitors' behavior at

Discuss and Uwants sites. As one of the top destinations for users in Hong

Kong, we are pleased to be one of the first local publishers to participate

in this exciting innovation for the digital industry and to offer advertisers

and agencies a more accurate and comprehensive view of the audience at our


    "The online channel continues to be an increasingly important advertising

vehicle to reach consumers across Asia," said Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixel

Media, a leading online ad sales company in HK and ad sales representative of

Discuss and Uwants. "As the industry tries to bring a larger share of ad

dollars online, advertisers and publishers need reliable measures to operate

effectively in the growing digital economy. comScore provides the

most-trusted insights on digital media consumption and continues to deliver

innovative solutions to measuring the digital landscape."

    For more information on how to participate in free tagging with comScore,

    Top Properties in Hong Kong

    comScore also released the latest data on the most-visited Internet

properties in Hong Kong. In August 2010, 4.2 million users age 15 and older

accessed the Internet from a home or work location, with the average Internet

user spending nearly 30 hours online during the month and consuming 2,863

pages of content.

    Yahoo! Sites led as the most-visited destination in Hong Kong with an

audience of 3.8 million visitors, followed by Microsoft Sites with 3.7

million visitors. Google Sites captured the #3 spot with 3.2 million

visitors, followed by with nearly 3 million visitors. captured the #5 spot with nearly 2 million visitors, followed

by Uwants Sites with close to 1.9 million visitors.

    Top Properties in Hong Kong

    August 2010

    Total Hong Kong Internet Audience*, Age 15+ -Home & Work


    Source: comScore Media Metrix



                                        Unique      Average      Average

                                       Visitors   Minutes per   Pages per

                                         (000)     Visitor      Visitor

                                           ----     -------      -------

    Total Internet : Total Audience        4,223      1,790.2      2,863

    -------------------------------        -----      -------      -----

    Yahoo! Sites                           3,844        199.0        303

    ------------                           -----        -----        ---

    Microsoft Sites                        3,658        340.5         82

    ---------------                        -----        -----        ---

    Google Sites                           3,181        178.5        205

    ------------                           -----        -----        ---                           2,938        307.9        584

    ------------                           -----        -----        ---                         1,993         63.0        150

    --------------                         -----         ----        ---

    Uwants Sites                           1,863         40.4        107

    ------------                           -----         ----        ---

    Television Broadcasts Limited          1,433         61.5         67

    -----------------------------          -----         ----        ---

    SINA Corporation                       1,368         20.9         51

    ----------------                       -----         ----        --- Inc.                         1,216         57.2         93

    --------------                         -----         ----        ---

    Next Media Interactive Ltd.            1,115         73.8        144

    ---------------------------            -----         ----        ---

    Apple Inc.                             1,112          8.9         13

    ----------                             -----          ---        ---

    Wikimedia Foundation Sites             1,106         16.1         18

    --------------------------             -----         ----        ---

    Oriental Press Group                   1,027         71.1        100

    --------------------                   -----         ----        ---

    PPStream, Inc.                         1,004         83.4         75

    --------------                         -----         ----        ---

    HSBC                                     952         35.2         95

    ----                                     ---         ----        ---

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    *Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet

     cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs

    About comScore

    comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a global leader in measuring the digital

world and the preferred source of digital marketing intelligence. For more

information, please visit

    Follow us on Twitter

    SOURCE: comScore, Inc.

    CONTACT: Sarah Radwanick of comScore, Inc., 




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