Recruitment, Training, Compliance Under Control With $50,000 p.a. Savings Achieved

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22nd June 2012, 04:00pm - Views: 27667
Being able to retain a highly trained, motivated workforce is the goal of every manager in Australia.

Not only does it lead to increased profits through better, more consistent service, but HR advertising costs can virtually disappear.

This is the aim of a one-stop-shop training and consultative package being taken up by the hospitality industry, a package that that allows clubs to bundle their training as well as their compliance needs into a single program for an annual fee.

Known as Employer of Choice (EOC), the unique package was developed by Academy Hospitality Australia.

Training is tailored to the individual club and is designed so that the club can convey its service ethos through every program while the employees can see a career path opening in front of them and are thus more likely to stay with the one employer.

Both mandatory and personal development training modules are offered and some clubs are already seeing actual savings as high as $50,000 a year.

On the compliance side the program is a real bonus to busy managers who struggle to keep up with changing legislation and can be faced unexpectedly with potentially costly legal issues.

The Employer of Choice program gives these managers instant access to a team of compliance experts who not only have the necessary knowledge of the legislation but already have intimate knowledge of the clubs operations at their fingertips.

The Academys training programs under the package cover:

Compliance Training - Responsible Service of Alcohol, Gaming etc

Employee Induction subjects - OH&S, Manual lifting, Workplace Harassment

Leadership Training

Customer service
Business Development, and even

Traineeship and Apprenticeship modules.

During the initial planning stages with club management The Academy Team advises on Traineeships and Apprenticeships, costing in the financial advantages available through State and Federal Government subsidies which can reduce training costs by thousands.

The Academy then draws up a final package that combines all the necessary paperwork for traineeships and apprentices, reminders on planned training, training delivery and assessment in an easy to follow format, taking the manual work and worry from the club.

In addition the club receives an annual calendar that details in advance what is scheduled and whether the topic is an online program, group session, remote study, online facilitated or is project based.

All of this is brought together for a single, monthly, fixed fee.

Greenbank RSL Services Club CEO, John Limbrick, said the program has been a great success, not just for the clubs management but also for staff who see the advantages of ongoing training sessions that help them establish a career path in the industry.

John is particularly enamoured of the Academys follow up on all training programs and the fact he has access seven days a week to advice on both training and compliance issues.

"In our industry, compliance matters can suddenly arise that need to be dealt with professionally and urgently. The EOC gives us access to the Academys resources at anytime.Last year we had to handle several issues quickly and on each occasion we were able to turn to The Academy for advice. They provided it immediately, helping us to navigate through those legal issues that can be quite daunting if youre not sure how they should be handled,he said.

John added that Compliance Legislation these days is so extensive and demanding that it is difficult to find one employee who understood it all.

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