A Guide To Fall Protection And Rescuing Workers At Height

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8th July 2011, 04:04pm - Views: 2510

Fall protection solutions are crucial to all companies that have workers in hazardous situations - whether you work in telecommunications, transport, the marine industry or a multitude of other sectors.

No matter what business you are in if you have people working at height it is crucial that you have the proper equipment in place. Often overlooked is the need for having a plan in place for rescuing at worker from height should the worst happen. What follows is a quick checklist for fall arrest and rescuing workers at height:

  • If a worker has fallen from a height they could be unconscious or disorientated and it is crucial that you rescue them as fast as possible" they may not be able to help themselves if they suffered injuries due to the fall.

  • Even if you have all the correct equipment, a person in a body harness can still have a number of potential problems (internally and externally). Speed is the essence here to avoid any suspension trauma.

  • You should ensure that you have all the necessary equipment on site to rescue a worker. It is not a guarantee that the emergency services will be able to get there on time.

  • Ensure all necessary risk assessments are carried out and a number of strategies are put in place for a rescue operation.

  • Regular training should be undertaken to ensure that other employees would be able to rescue a colleague.

  • The right equipment should be used for the right job and it should be maintained.

  • Ensure the rescue equipment is easily accessible and all necessary people know where it is. Valuable time could be wasted otherwise.

  • Designate people to use the equipment and make sure they are fully trained.

  • Ensure the relevant people are trained in first aid.

  • All anchor points that are to be used in any rescue should be known to the relevant people and they should be tested on a regular basis.

  • A full rescue plan should be in place, with every job allocated to a certain person. If everybody has a certain task to undertake they will able to act quickly saving valuable time.

  • Ensure that everyone who will be involved in any rescue understands the importance of communication, and who they should be communicating with.
  • Practice your rescue plan. The phrase practice makes perfect is often overused but if you have a well drilled rescue plan and team it could mean the difference between life and death.
  • As an employer it is crucial to make sure that your workers are safe and working at height is potentially fatal. In conclusion there are three things to remember:

    1. Have the correct equipment in place.

    2. Have a full rescue plan in place and make sure everyone is aware of their role in it.

    3. Ensure that you practice your rescue plan on a regular basis.

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