Aussie Employers Must Try Harder To Retain The Modern Job Hopper: Survey

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29th May 2008, 03:22pm - Views: 752

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Nearly half of Australian employees have been in their current role for less than a

year and almost a quarter (23.9%) are already on their third career change, yet

the majority believe this counts against them in the eyes of employers, according

to a survey by Talent2, the global leader in human resources outsourcing and


Of the 1338 respondents, 72.6% think that employers are suspicious of people

who change jobs frequently, despite the fact that half say job hopping is expected

in this day and age.

John Banks of Talent2 says that there is no doubt that the old model of working

for the same company for a lifetime is over and that today’s workforce is more

concerned with a quality working life, rather than climbing the corporate ladder.

”Today’s employees are looking for job satisfaction and financial reward over

peer recognition. In fact, 58.2% cite being given the freedom to be innovative and

creative as the single most important factor in influencing how long they stay in

one job.”

“It is clear that employers need to focus on employee retention strategies. Over

half of respondents said that they would stay longer in their job if they admired

and respected their employer and 49.7% said that if they received motivation and

inspiration from their direct superior this would have a direct impact on their

longevity in the job.”

“Aussie employees are certainly concerned that employers view frequent job

changes with suspicion, yet there are strong signs that this attitude is changing.

Almost half think it is expected. The fact that 23.7% have already had 10 or more

jobs in their lifetime certainly underlines the fact that this is the norm.

“Additionally, the nature of the modern job search has changed.

A massive

93.1% of respondents use the Internet to search for jobs, followed by the 60.8%

who work with recruiters to hand pick the positions they really want to take up –

whilst only 26% would consider making a direct approach to a company.”

For further information or an interview with Talent2, please contact Rowena

Hawksley at Markson Sparks Publicity on 02 9775 7000 /

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