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26th October 2009, 08:10pm - Views: 547

ABT Recruitment

October 2009

Two out of three employees looking for green pastures

Two out of every three employees would potentially consider changing jobs if the right

opportunity presented according to a recent survey of current attitudes to employment.

Conducted by Brisbane-based firm ABT Recruitment, specialists in accounting, business

and technical recruitment, the survey asked more than 500 past candidates across a variety

of professional and administrative roles for their views on current employment conditions.

The respondents answered questions relating to how likely they were to change roles within

six months, what would be the major issues in changing employment and what was

important to them when considering employment.

ABT Managing Director Kevin Gammie said the survey was indicative of the general feeling

throughout the jobs market.

“On the whole, employees are not particularly happy at present,” Mr Gammie said.

“Employees are actively looking for job opportunities with about one in four very likely to

change roles within six months.

“In fact 44% overall mentioned they were likely or very likely to change roles in that time,

with a further 22% uncertain. This means that two out of every three employees are

potentially on the job market if a reasonable opportunity was to present itself.

Mr Gammie said this frustration seemed to have stemmed from the way some businesses

handled the ‘global financial crisis’.

“Many companies used the GFC to streamline business practices, sometimes reducing

already busy teams to near breaking point. 

“In fact 43% of respondents worked in organisations that contracted over the last year and

12% were directly affected when a team member or team members were let go. It is this

group who are now three times more likely to be looking for another opportunity. 

Mr Gammie said it was not all doom and gloom for employers with more than 20% of

respondents working for organisations that grew in the same period.

“On the up side, of all respondents only one in eight thought their organisation handled the

situation very poorly,” he said.

The survey indicated that employees would look for positions that offered them good work

life balance, a good boss and fellow colleagues and further career advancement.

“It was interesting to see that if a position offered everything they desired one in three

people would change roles for less money than they currently earned with a further four in

10 for the same money. This makes three out of four people changing companies and roles

for the same money or less,” Mr Gammie said.

Contact: ABT Recruitment Managing Director Kevin Gammie. Ph: (07) 3105 0400

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