Pageup People Crafts Ground-breaking Chapter With Facebook Integration

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22nd April 2008, 11:23am - Views: 1041

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Leveraging Connections as Source for Employee Referrals

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – April 22, 2008 - Innovative Talent Management solutions provider, PageUp

People continues to pioneer recruitment with the launch of an integration with Facebook, the first of its kind in

the recruitment space.

The enhancement to the PageUp People Recruitment Management solution leverages Facebook as a new

sourcing channel to prompt employee referrals.  With hearsay estimates that around 70% of jobs are found

through networking, the Facebook connection takes a major stride in helping companies maximize the power of

word of mouth. 

“Events and activities promoted on Facebook are considered credible by users because they stem from a friend

or other personal connection,” Simon Cariss, Director of Zing, PageUp People, said. “We recognised the

opportunity to use this tool in the recruitment arena which is begging for creative ways to address the concerns

in today’s climate of human capital shortfall.”

In an age where email no longer stands as cutting edge, Facebook is permeating life far beyond just the social

aspect and increasingly wider than just Gen X and Y. Social networking profiles provide the capability to

broadcast a message in a way that mass email can’t.

Employee referral is known to have one of the lowest costs per hire, going a long way to save on advertising

and agency fees, and increasing the likelihood of cultural and motivational fit of newcomers with organisational

objectives.  The integration with the social networking giant gives employees the ability to advertise vacancies at

their place of work on their Facebook profile page.  This move also serves as a retention strategy, rewarding the

employee through enhancing their chances of receiving referral bonuses, 

This latest development comes as a key component of the product enhancements delivered to all clients

through the quarterly upgrades cycle. It ties into PageUp People’s recent product expansion, beyond

recruitment and across elements of employee retention, performance and development.

The enhanced functionality will be available worldwide in May 2008.

About PageUp People

PageUp People assists organisations to acquire and retain the best talent through the development and

integrated delivery of innovative talent management systems and solutions. Established in 1997, PageUp

People has successfully built upon its beginnings as a custom software developer to create an extensive suite

of integrated talent management web-based tools and consulting solutions which are now delivered to some of

the world's largest organisations on a global scale. PageUp People is at the forefront of innovation in talent

management solutions with global best-practice research underpinning all consulting practices and Software as


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