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21st October 2008, 01:02pm - Views: 520

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RELEASE DATE: October 21, 2008

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Tracey Cook

Marketing Manager

Direct No. (02) 9719 8826



October 2008 (Sydney, Australia)

With the Australian employee market being as volatile as it is, it is becoming increasingly important

to show your employees that they are valued.    I recently asked a group of executive recruiters what

the most common reason that employers gave as to why the employee was looking to leave their

current employer.  Of course the traditional answer of money came up, however each of the

recruiters was very quick to state that money was not the main reason.  The reason that they

unanimously agreed upon was that of “not feeling valued by their direct line manager”.  

Feeling valued comes down to many things, however as humans, our number one need is

acceptance.   When people feel accepted, they are happier and perform better.   It is important for a

manager to build a rapport than has more substance than just work.  Some managers do this with

ease, others find it harder.  A simple and effective way to show that you accept and value someone

is to remember their birthday, wedding anniversary, baby due dates etc but most managers are time

stretched enough.    However, there is a new free service available that helps managers do just that.

The G Link is a service that gets each user to create their own profile where they add all of their

important dates.  When a PA/Manager links with their staff members, all of these dates then

become visible to the manager and email reminders are sent out 1 week before and then on the day

of the employees birthday etc.  In addition, if the manager wants to take it one step further and is

interested in buying them a gift, their profile allows them 2 different ways to show their linked

manager and colleagues items that they would be interested in receiving.   This is not restricted to

just a manager/employee relationship.  The employee can also link with their other colleagues and

in that way, the service assists in building internal relationships.

To gain a stronger understanding of how this could be introduced into your business, Tracey Cook is

the Marketing Manager for The G Link.  Tracey can present how the service could work within your

business and propose suggestions on how it could best be implemented within your business


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