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3rd August 2008, 10:01am - Views: 764

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** 4 August 2008 - Immediate Press Release **


Intrigued by Executive Coaching? The Australian Leadership Development Centre is

running a 2 Hour Forum in Brisbane on 26 August that will reveal what is really

involved in an executive coaching program & why such programs work.

If you have ever left a management training course armed with good intentions that soon get

forgotten back at work, then you understand why such traditional ‘training events’ don’t work.

In fact, while there are over 3.2 million management training programs run in Australia each

year, research shows that < 15% of learning from such events results in sustained

enhancements in leadership behaviour.

Why is this so? According to Shaun Killian, the forum director, there are three main reasons.


Leadership is about what you do, not just what you know. More specifically great

leadership is about what you habitually do. These behaviours are deeply engrained

in who you are, and the idea that you can change them simply by knowing about

leadership is foolish in the extreme.


Traditional management training, including formal academic courses, event style

workshops and professional reading, all work to increase your knowledge but they do

not help you to make sustained changes in your day-to-day leadership behaviour.

Coaching by contrast, focuses on helping you to practice new behaviours within a

safe environment.


The conventional modes of developing leadership are also rooted in what I call ‘point-

in-time learning, where people come along to an event and then leave ‘having being

developed’. Again, while this may increase your knowledge, it does not help you to

develop new skills. Skill-based learning is more like learning a musical instrument, or

developing sporting prowess in that it takes focus, practice and persistence over a

period of time. This is what executive coaching provides.

It is not surprising therefore that executive coaching is becoming so popular, with 1 in 4

senior leaders now using an executive coach. While it may be more expensive than

traditional training, it has an impressive track record of delivering results and a substantial


The Australian Leadership Development Centre is an educational organisation committed to

enhancing both the standard of leadership, and leadership development across the country.


Shaun Killian (MLead, Med)


0438 139 719 (not for publication)

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