Workers Stick With Ethical And Transparent Bosses

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17th December 2009, 08:00am - Views: 743

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Workers stick with ethical and transparent bosses

SYDNEY, December 17, 2009: Businesses that remain ethical and transparent will be more successful in retaining staff

who may be tempted by a rebounding economy to find greener work pastures, according to human resources expert,

Katherine Graham. 

Graham, the managing director of The Human Resources Centre, says a more confident economy will, in turn, give restless

workers more confidence to look elsewhere in the New Year.

"For employers wanting to improve retention, non-monetary strategies are high on the agenda and are proving effective,"

she says. "Employers can cost effectively ensure staff retention by keeping positions well designed and providing workers

with job diversity.

"They should also ensure employees are supported and operate in a welcoming culture that is transparent in its

communication with staff about where the company is going, its goals and expectations, and how the employer contributes

individually to the organisation."

The Human Resources Centre's top 5 tips for retaining staff as the economy shows signs of recovery:

Be an organisation that is clear in its directions and objectives and communicate these well to employees.

Employees with confidence that their positions play a part in the bigger picture, perform better.

Remain ethical and transparent. Employees will enjoy working for an organisation that aligns to their values and,

where possible, promotes them.

Ensure the culture is positive and that there is excitement and chatter in the halls again. Leaders and managers

play a big part in this by communicating well and addressing issues before they escalate.

Ensure that roles are designed well. Employees need to know what is expected of them, have the skills and

resources to perform, know how they are performing and have continual support to achieve.

Re-visit your employment branding and value proposition to employees. Employees will stay with a company if they

are unable to achieve the same offerings and environment elsewhere.

Media contact and interviews: Managing director of The Human Resources Centre, Katherine Graham, is available for media

interviews and background information. Graham has more than 15 years’ experience in human resources and recruitment. 

To arrange an interview or for further information, including case studies, please contact Maria Nguyen on 0402 39 49 53.

About The Human Resources Centre: The Human Resources Centre is an Australian owned and operated human resources

consultancy, offering a wide range of services in all areas of HR management, including strategic, operational, legal, training and

payroll functions. With offices in each capital city, The Human Resources Centre assists organisations in areas such as: review of their

HR structures and practices, compliance with workplace laws; recruitment and workplace policies; remuneration and performance

management; staff training and development; workplace relations and mediation; occupational health and safety; payroll management

and organisational culture. The Human Resources Centre also operates The Resolution Centre, a specialist division advising on

workplace conflict, mediation and employment law, and The Managed Payroll Centre, which offers outsourced payroll services.

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