Adelaide Based Daily Deals Website Set to Shed New Light on Group Buying

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23rd December 2011, 06:16pm - Views: 3595

New Adelaide based deals website, Deals Lifestyle Pty. Ltd, entered their launching phase on the 29th of August. The Deals Lifestyle team has partnered with premium Adelaide businesses to create unmissable offers that gives mass exposure to the local businesses. The Deals Lifestyle team are shedding new light on the group buying scene exposing the money hungry big players of the industry.

Australia's group buying top players are forcing local businesses to run at a loss, promising the dream of huge numbers and mass amounts of repeat business. Local businesses are encouraged to spend thousands on their marketing campaign and run offers at a loss to get people in the door with the promise of huge growth within their business. Running these offers are often unsustainable especially considering the websites charge 40-50% in commission on the already discounted price tag.

Recently, leading competitors have been negatively featured in BRW Magazine, on Today Tonight and long complaint lists have been compiled on websites such as and Group buying websites are running offers that are not feasible for every business. The Deals Lifestyle team are working to remove this negative stigma from group buying. The team have a combined history in hospitality for almost two decades knowing the needs of bars and restaurants on the Adelaide scene". The team offers their consulting services for up to 35% less commission than the big competitors.

The Deals Lifestyle team works with businesses to get the most out of a feature for a fraction of the cost. Offers can be featured on the website and capitalise on the huge reach group buying has without the monetary risk and expectancy of running each offer at a loss to the business.

The Deals Lifestyle team have partnered with numerous Adelaide businesses and foresee huge growth for all parties involved.
Deals Lifestyle Pty. Ltd. is an Adelaide web start-up, seeking to remove the negative stigma of group buying by giving better support to local businesses. The Deals Lifestyle team's knowledge within small business management and hospitality gives them the ability and understanding needed to work with local businesses. To find out more, please visit Deals Lifestyle

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