Reputation At Risk

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19th July 2009, 04:40pm - Views: 775

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July 20th, 2009

Reputation at Risk

“Reputation underpins the performance and future profitability of companies; the performance and

stability of governments. It is the difference between getting investors and being slammed in the

press; getting sales, or getting shut down by environmental groups. In a crowded market, it is

increasingly difficult to attract and retain talented staff, clients, investors, and credit. Your reputation

precedes you,” says Alex Harris, author of a new book about reputational risk, Reputation at Risk.

Have you ever had a small situation turn into an escalating crisis and been caught off guard? Have

you heard about social media, but don’t know what it means to your business? You know that public

image is the biggest risk facing your organisation, but what can you do?

Reputation at Risk answers these questions, demystifies social media, challenges the claims of

corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the face of contrary evidence, and delivers sharp analysis of

some high-profile public image disasters from which we all can learn.

Reputation at Risk is a concise and thoughtful study of the issues, aims and means of managing

reputational risk in the context of the increasingly important issues of corporate social responsibility,

business ethics, sustainability and leadership. It is relevant across every level of the corporation,

government and community. From small business to big, from brand strategist to legal adviser, sales

rep to CEO, this book will start conversations, bring new insights, and challenge the status quo.

Available from Australian Institute of Management bookshops. 

Background for Editors:

Noosa-based Alex Harris has had a career in the media and public relations industries in Australia

and the United States. While in the USA, Alex served on the board of the Australian American

Chamber of Commerce, was a member of the Chicago Board of Roosevelt University, a member of

American Society of Magazine Editors, winner of the Chicago Women in Publishing award and the

National Association of Women Business Owners New Venture Award.

Now Editor of Reputation Report ( and a freelance writer, Ms Harris

writes about corporate social responsibility, business ethics, social media, public image risk and

leadership. Ms Harris is a Trustee of Committee for Economic Development of Australia, Associate

of Australian Institute of Management, and is one of the women featured in the Australian Institute of

Management book, She Said What.



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