Shoppers Continue To Make Additional Impulse Purchases Despite Economy

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9th November 2009, 12:00pm - Views: 897

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Media Release

Embargoed: November 9, 2009

Shoppers continue to make additional impulse purchases

despite economy

Despite the reported tightening of consumer spending, the large majority of

Australian shoppers will buy an average 8.9 additional grocery items than planned

each time they walk into their shopping centre, new research has found.

This level of impulse buying is despite the fact that the large majority of shoppers

will prepare a grocery list to help them better manage their expenditure as a result

of the economic downturn.   

This is according to the results of the second How we Really Shop research -

commissioned by out-of-home media specialists oOh!media - to gain new insights

into shopping behaviour and habits.

Kelly McIlwraith, General Manager Strategy of oOh!media, said while it was not

surprising that shoppers made impulse buys, the extent of their impulse

purchases was larger than expected.

“This is the first time we have been able to get a clear picture of the level of

impulse buying and what it shows is that on average, shoppers include 8.9

additional items in their shopping basket that were not on their original shopping


“While it is well known that impulse buying is part of shopping behaviour, we were

surprised to see that 8.9 extra items were in the grocery trolley despite a recent

report indicating people were avoiding impulse buying due to the economy.”

“This suggests that during a more buoyant economy, the number of discretionary

grocery items purchased could be much greater.”

“It also shows that consumers are still deciding what to buy when they enter a

shopping centre, so for brands that haven’t been included on the shopping list, the

opportunity to be purchased still exists through impulse buys.”

The research also revealed that more than three in four of the estimated 1.9

billion visitors to shopping centres in the past year used credit cards or EFTPOS

for their grocery purchases, rather than cash.  

oOh!’s second installment of the How we Really Shop research, which was

undertaken by The Seed and based on qualitative studies and quantitative

surveys also found:

Purchasing Decisions


64% of shoppers usually or always take a shopping list


58% of this group usually or always purchase items that are not on their



Of the 29% of shoppers who always take a shopping list, over half this

group (52%) will always purchase items that are not on their list

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Financial Institution and bank specific research


EFTPOS (38%) is the most commonly used payment method for grocery

purchases, followed by credit cards (35%) and cash (26%)


27% sometimes/most times visit a bank branch when in their local

shopping centre


Consumers have an average of two financial accounts


75% have accounts with at least one of the top four major institutions


95% have accounts outside of these top four providers

The results differed slightly for teenagers, with those surveyed having a higher

reliance on EFTPOS to make purchases, and were more likely to visit a bank

branch while at their local shopping centre. 

Financial Institution and bank specific research for teens


49% of teenagers purchase groceries using EFTPOS, with 44% preferring

to pay with cash and only 7% will use a credit card


33% of teens will sometimes/most times visit a bank branch when in their

local shopping centre


Teens have an average of 1.2 financial accounts


77% of teens have accounts with at least one of the top four major



45% of teens have accounts outside of these top four providers

oOh!, the market leader in out-of-home retail media, has invested more than $35

million to make out-of-home retail advertising available in more than 300 shopping

centres throughout Australia. 


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For more information:

Alicia Aldini/Peter Laidlaw

Lighthouse Communications Group

+61 (0)2 9692 8811                                                

About oOh!media Group Ltd: oOh!media is the only single focused out-of-home

advertising company listed on the ASX. The Company specialises in the management and

ownership of outdoor assets throughout urban and regional Australia. oOh!media is

Australia’s largest outdoor media brokerage group. 

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