Website Launches Contest To Fix Botched Nsw Logo

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20th July 2009, 03:52pm - Views: 1325
New 'Crowdsourcing' Website Launches Contest to Fix Botched NSW Logo

20 Jul 2009, Sydney Australia crowdsourcing website has launched an unsanctioned $1000 contest to re-design the recently bungled NSW Government logo.

DesignBay ( a global marketplace for creative services run by a 25 year old Sydney based entrepreneur has launched a contest to re-design the NSW Government's recently botched 'lotus' logo.

DesignBay is offering a first prize of $1000 to the best logo design from any designer or member of the public and is offering to donate the results to the NSW Government and Nathan Rees.

The contest will run for 30 days and will cost less than 20% ($1000) of the $5000 Nathan Rees reportedly spent on the logo he commissioned. In its first two days, the contest has already generated over 10 creative logos that are a better alternative to the $5000 lotus flower.

DesignBay will allow the public to vote on their favourite design and describes the purpose of the contest to help the government get a logo "designed by the people and chosen by the people".

The contest and the logo designs submitted can be view here:

About DesignBay
DesignBay ( is a leading crowdsourcing marketplace for creative services, logo, web and graphic design that helps businesses get 25 to 100+ designs and ideas from around the world. DesignBay clients include Shell Oil and HI-TEC shoes and over 1,000 graphic designers and design studios from the US, UK, India and Australia.

DesignBay's founder Alec Lynch is former Booz Allen Hamilton consultant and a graduate of the University of Technology Sydney.

Crowdsourcing is the process of outsourcing a task via an open call. Crowdsourcing gets the world working on your project, generates a better result, eliminates quoting from the value chain, reduces costs and gets an instantaneous response.

Alec Lynch, Founder
+61 2 8006 2550 or +61 412 370 537

SOURCE: DesignBay

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