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13th April 2012, 04:54pm - Views: 1604

The first is the look. All Karen Millen Dresses are unquestionable feminine. All the ladies wearing Karen Millen dresses look elegant and feminine. Her style is elegant smart and aimed at showing off a lady as being dressed as a fully feminine woman.

Secondly the dedication of her design team headed by the indefatigable Gemma Metheringham who overseas a design team which buys in to the look. They produce 12 collections of dresses, coats, shoes and accessories every season.

And then they are very selective of the fabrics used for the dresses. All dresses are created using only luxury fabrics. Importantly they are all meant to be timeless and not trendy so that once bought you will be happy to wear them time and time again showing off the elegance and flattering fit and the lines and profiles that these dresses give their wearers.

Because the design team are constantly producing more dresses they are constantly delivering more items to their stores. These items are likewise picked up and are available to the global trade. There are at present over 100 stores in the UK and over 200 world wide selling Karen Millen dresses and related products.

The signature style is distinct and has remained constant. Karen Millen dresses are worn by ladies of fashion throughout the world from the USA and Europe as well as the far East.

On the website the chic code there is a full catalog of dresses currently available for online ordering. These items are shipped out of Hong Kong by EMS (International Express Mail Service) and a tracking number posted for your information. In addition if 3 or more items are purchased the shipping carries no charge.

The website itself is a well laid out catalog of the various items currently on offer. The items are modeled with no background or shadows so that the style is completely visible. The elegant signature of the Karen Millen style is immediately evident.

There are currently over 200 dress styles on display all distinctly Karen Millen and ranging from the above the knee to full length. The latest arrivals are on display on a separate page and then one can page through the main catalog which displays 12 to a page and these range again from an embroidered mesh dress through knits and satins and prints. All with the Karen Millen attention to detail and all in the wonderful fabrics that make these dresses such a pleasure to wear and flatter the wearer.

And it is not only Karen Millen dresses that are on sale on this website but there are also the Karen Millen Coats. Elegant to wear and completing an ensemble Karen Millen coats just emphasize the femininity of the wearer. The Styles vary from woolens to moleskin and from a classic double breasted and belted coat to a military style or even a 60s style in bright yellow.

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