The Next Frontier the USA Property Market

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25th May 2012, 05:24pm - Views: 1699

With an ever-changing property market and an increasingly competitive investment arena, The US Invest research team needs to be at the forefront of the US real estate market. The economy (in some areas) is showing signs of recovery, jobs are becoming more plentiful and foreclosure filings appear to have begun their downward trajectory. But staying ahead of the investment curve is only getting harder. Month on month, weve seen price increases in specific areas of Atlanta rising by as much as 5%. Demand for rentals has increased across the board and competition has surely stepped up as many companies jump on the tail of US Invest property buying strategies.

The US property market is about staying ahead of the curve. Similar to any investment, ones capital is only put to good use when invested ahead of major market trends. Eying which areas are set for further expansion and development remains the focuses of the US invest team and our painstaking due diligence process. Without revealing too much, some excellent developments are underway. New markets, new project management and acquisition teams and fortunately, an increasing array of excellent investment properties for our investors.


Recently, many of you would have noticed our increased focus on the Memphis area and the opportunities presenting themselves in this quality investment market. Guided by our desire to balance value with consistent rental returns, US Invest saw Memphis as an excellent market to again further our reach and take advantage of a long-winded US economic recovery. No one is in this market for quick gains. Unrealistic returns and over promised capital growth projections are all too common in the Australia-US property environment and our team is consistently working to present and deliver consistent returns whilst staying one step ahead of the US property investment environment.

Below are a few key points which draw our attention to the overall Memphis area:

  • Massive US distribution hub

  • Solid business infrastructure built on the citys core business competencies

  • Fedex Headquarters among 15 cargo airlines

  • Strategic location (within 500 miles to over a quarter of Americas urban working population)

  • Strong political and economic position

  • Stable employment driving rental demand

The above points are just scratching the surface on why Memphis has been defined as a target area for US Property investment. The USInvest research team has spent several months researching defined areas within Memphis so we can strategically target the best US investment locations for our members. Add to that, US Invest has now secured exclusive financing on Memphis homes for as little as 6.9% p.a. With that in mind, positively geared investment in US real estate is still as attractive as ever.

The American Property Investment landscape is changing. With it, consumer behaviour and rental demand is also changing. Now, its more important than ever to stay ahead of the US property curve, keep your eyes peeled to see what exciting new projects US Invest has to add to our ever growing investment offering.

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