How to Maintain Upholstered Furniture

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27th January 2014, 06:46pm - Views: 918

Upholstery Studio, Inc., a leader in high-quality upholstered furniture, is providing tips to help consumers and businesses to maintain their upholstered furniture. Operating out of High Point, North Carolina, Upholstery Studio has been upholstering furniture for years to both interior designers and private labels. They take pride in the work that they perform, and want to ensure that consumers know how to properly care for these pieces so that they last for many years to come.

Upholstered furniture is not only a beautiful piece of interior decor, but it can provide comfort and relaxation not typically found with wooden furniture. These pieces can be created to match any design or theme, making them the perfect elements to add to a home or business. Upholstered furniture is durable and can last for many years if cared for properly. One of the easiest ways furniture owners can care for their furniture is by either vacuuming or lightly dusting the pieces at least once a week. It is important to keep the upholstery as clean as possible.

Those who own couches and chairs that have been upholstered are encouraged to reverse the cushions every week or so. Keeping them in the same position day in and day out is an easy way for them to wear out. Larger pieces, such as a king upholstered headboard, should be lightly dusted and placed in a position where the sun is not directly shining on it to avoid fading.

While maintenance is very important, accidents and stains do happen and are likely to occur at some point. Upholstery Studio recommends that the stain be taken care of immediately for the best chance at removing it. It is suggested to use a mild cleanser to begin with so as not to damage the material. Always read the labels before using any kind of solution. Many products come with a warranty and very specific directions that need to be followed in order to uphold the warranty. Always purchase a cleaning solution that is safe to use on fabric and that does not have harsh chemicals in it.

Some owners of upholstery furniture will use a brush to clean their pieces thoroughly, rubbing too hard or vigorously should be avoided at all times as it may cause damages or even holes to the beautiful fabrics. If using water on the furniture, always be sure to dry it as well so that there are no water stains left behind.

Upholstery Studio creates beautiful pieces of upholstered furniture that look great in both homes and offices. It is important to put these pieces in an environment that will keep them in great condition. This includes a room with no smoking, no direct sunlight on the furniture and no strong cooking odors. With proper maintenance and care, upholstered furniture can be preserved and last for years.

Designers and labels who are looking for companies that provide quality upholstering furniture are invited to browse through the beautiful pieces found at Upholstery Studio's website.

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